7 inch Wave Bio

7 inch Wave was an indiesurfdance trio consisting of guitar, bass, and electronic drums producing music strongly influenced by their roots in surf, electronic, dance, pop, and rock. Since the summer of 2004, 7 inch Wave played the Central Iowa scene, getting a positive response from a growing fan base. In May of 2005, the band toured the East Coast, Midwest, and South to very enthusiastic responses from both audiences and promoters. They have shared the stage with Hella, United States of Electronica, Red Elvises, The Plastic Constellations, Troubled Hubble, Chromelodeon, The Sun, Rolling Blackouts, Ad Astra Per Aspera, We are Wolves, J-Zone, and Oh My God. The bands debut release, the "Load 'Love Emulator', 8, 1" EP, was self released in May 2005. Known for their animated live performances and outfits, 7 inch Wave moved the feet of anyone with an open mind.

Members Danomatika, Grantbonik, and Karltron 2000 played together between the fall of 2003 until Aug 2005 and were influenced by the likes of DEVO, The Pixies, Talking Heads, A Flock Seagulls, Gary Numan, Pavement, David Bowie, The Beatles, and 80's electronica.